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Mission Statement

NorCal Freedom for Paws’ (NCFFP) mission is to find “furever” homes for all surrendered pets to our Rescue. We are here when owners lose their ability to care for their animals and when the shelters are overcrowded or breeders are overwhelmed. We offer a judgment-free zone to all people and circumstances of surrendering beloved pets, breeding animals, abandoned or unwanted. We match these animals to potential adopters. We find loving fosters in the interim of adoption. 

Resources for Adopters

NCFFP offers a Puppy Guide for poodles and goldendoodles designed to give you valuable information on your new family member

If you've adopted from NCFFP, please join our Facebook page "NorCal Freedom for Paws Alumni" to share updates on your pup!


Don't forget to register your pet's microchip when you bring your pet home!  You may register your microchip thru My24Pet here.

When brining your new family member home, we follow the 3/3/3 rule.  Remember, give them a chance!

Dog TV/Puppy Relaxation

We highly recommend DogTV or puppy relaxation on YouTube to help create a calm, peaceful environment for your puppy or as a bonding opportunity!  Puppy relaxation TV can help with separation anxiety for your new puppy.  

Training Resources

At NCFFP, we LOVE Brandon McMillan!  His YouTube training videos are very informative and valuable for self-training your pet.

House Training

Leash Training

Crate Training

Off Command

Brandon McMillan's MasterClass is highly recommended if you wish to begin your puppy's training at home.

Don't forget to shop Pet Food Express with your 20/20 adoption coupon and support NCFFP!

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